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Giuseppe Ottaviani

Slowly but surely over the last few years Giuseppe Ottaviani has been revealing his stunning talent. In 2004 and 2006 he was voted best live act at the Trance Awards for an ability to play his own melodies live and completely in time during some outstanding dj sets. This, coupled with a natural musicality, has set him apart as something special both as a dj and a producer.

Giuseppe Ottaviani
Giuseppe Ottaviani

When did your musical education start?

It started at the age of 6 when my parents decided to let me attend a music school and study classical music. But I played the piano from an early age.

How did you discover electronic dance music?

Thanks to a friend of mine who gave me some cds in early 1993. I liked the techno beats but I missed the melody. That’s why, later on, I put melodies from classical music on techno beats and discovered trance.

Who were your early influences?

Mauro Picotto and Paul van Dyk were some of my early idols and they still are actually, even if Mauro’s sound is now completely different from 12 years ago.

When did you start to produce your own tracks?

I started in 1998 in my small home studio but my starting point as a professional producer was in 2001.


How did the music project Nu NRG start?

There were 3 people at the beginning (1999), three enthusiasts with the same passion for music. One left the group after a year but Andrea and I decided to go ahead. Eventually we made Dreamland which was signed in 2001. That was the start.

How did you become involved with Paul van Dyk?

I haven’t stopped working for him and his label since 2001! After he signed the Nu NRG project he also started to release tracks by me as a solo artist.

At which event did you launch your professional dj-ing career?

That was the Berlin Love Parade in 2002. I’ll never forget it.

Where have you enjoyed dj-ing in the UK?

Everywhere, of course! I have played big festivals like Gatecrasher Summer Sound System to small clubs. They have had different atmospheres but the same great emotions.

What have you been up to in the production studio?

My new release came out recently on Vandit. It’s called No More Alone and features a great singer – Stephen Pickup – from London. The release includes two fantastic remixes from Jon O’Bir and John O’Callaghan. Other than that I have some new remixes coming up.

What does the future hold?

I have been working on my first artist album for a long time now. It’s not completed but it’s definitely on the way.

Interview by Daniel Slipper