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Weekly Message - Sept 8th 2020

Thanks to everyone who came to my various socially distanced events over the last couple of weeks. It was certainly an emotional experience getting to play out in front of a live crowd again despite the challenges we faced to try to put these events on. At least we had a couple of moments together in the final weeks of summer. Right now it is impossible to guess when we will be able to open clubs and arena venues as normal so I'm not sure what my next events will be. As soon as anything is confirmed I will be sure to share it on my social media channels. These really are difficult times for the dance music community.

Due to facebook announcing a change to their terms and conditions we have had to suspend my livestream on facebook for the moment. However we are streaming Sunday night at 7pm on Youtube at davepearceofficial/live. Just subscribe to my channel on Youtube to join in- We have a live chat section- If you want to join the chat at the side of the screen then don't open the show as a full page. You can also watch the show at Twitch.tv

https://www.youtube.com/c/DavePearceOfficial/videos. Also on Twitch TV at:

My Delirium upfront Trance show is available on apple podcasts and on mixcloud - when we can we will try and stream a replay on Tuesday nights at 8pm on Youtube

Don't miss my Delirium podcast with Robbie Seed in the mix Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud.

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If you are a promoter interested in making a booking message here: dpearcebookings@gmail.com
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