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BK & Anne Savage

On 30 March 2010 Riot! Recordings are releasing a brand new album by two of the biggest names in hard dance.

Who, what, where, how and why? Read on...


What inspired you to join forces?

We have been dj-ing together for years at many parties and made a few singles together. We have very similar attitudes and history so it just felt natural.

How did the new album come about?

After talking about it we really just made the effort and put our money where our mouths were. It felt like time to get off our arses and hit the studio!

Why Pandemic?

To be honest we are not really sure how it came about. We were looking for a word which would describe the music spreading across different countries and we hit on it. We mentioned it to our artwork guy and he came up with a great design so off we went.

Are you doing a tour to promote the album?

Yes, we will be hitting the clubs. Some of the larger gigs include places in Andorra, Canada and London.

Are there any “anthems in the making?”

We hope so! It is always very hard to judge your own material but so far all the reviews have been great. We have covered a couple of anthems on the album including Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation and FPI Project – Back To My Roots.

What kind of reaction have the tracks been getting from the dance floor?

The best thing about this project so far has been the reaction on the dance floor. We have been amazed at how well the tracks have been doing. Sometimes new sounding material takes time to grow but from the very first time we dropped these tracks the dance floor went off!

Are you also developing any new individual projects?

BK: as a producer I am always working on new projects. I have recently been working under my Black Russian alias and remixed for Black Hole under this name.

Anne, will you be back in Ibiza this year?

Yes, I’ve got a few bits and pieces lined up. Check out my website and myspace for all the information.

BK, what are your plans for the summer?

I should be out in Ibiza as well. I am also touring Australia and Asia and will be spending time working on new material in the studio.

Hard dance has a massive following but relatively little representation on national radio, except for the wonderful Kutski on Radio 1. Would you like to hear more hard dance music on the national airwaves?

You are correct. For a genre with such a massive following its coverage is next to nothing. We would love to hear it more on the radio but maybe the reason for the cult following is the fact it has this massive underground community.

Want to hear sounds of the underground? Pre-order the album here

Interview by Daniel Slipper