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Andy Moor

In this interview dj and producer Andy Moor reveals some unusual pre performance rituals as he prepares to play in the Group Therapy arena at SW4 in London in August 2011.


How did you become involved in music?

I think most people come across music at some point in their childhood. When I came across it I pursued it throughout my childhood but the only way at the time was to go down the classical route. I taught myself piano quite young but as I got to a certain age I wanted to progress from making demos using multiple tape decks to finding out how it was really done. That led me to work for free in my spare time in studios and it progressed from there.

Is it true you can play more than 6 instruments?

I don't play more than 6 unless you can count the triangle or teaspoons. I played various instruments throughout my school years but hid the bassoon case from friends while trying to retain any street cred I thought I had destroyed.

What inspired you to set up AVA Recordings?

At the time there weren't many (if any) consistent labels focusing on the kind of music that we release - a more progressive sound and quality productions. I was really picky about the production value of tracks and this is something we concentrated on a lot. We also helped people hone their productions so it was natural to release them too and this we still do.

What should we look out for on the label over the next few months?

We have new music from the on fire Ashley Wallbridge and Tydi along with tracks from David Forbes and a new single from myself.

Your tour schedule takes you all over the world. Do you have any favourite countries to visit?

At the moment I'm really liking countries that are swimming distance from Stoke-on-Trent! I'm currently stranded in Chicago due to weather, delays, cancellations etc and I play in Dallas in 4 hours! Work that one out! But South America is always great (Argentina being amongst my favourites) along with South East Asia - which has a thriving scene once again.

One of the festivals at which you are playing is SW4 on Clapham Common in London in August. Are you excited?

I'm very excited! I recall playing there a few years ago and it was an amazing event in a great location. I love the UK spirit at these events and it's an entry in my calendar that puts a smile on my face.

How do you prepare to play an event like SW4? Do you go with a set list in mind or wait for inspiration on the day?

Most of the bigger events are quite predictable so I have an idea of the key tunes of the night. But the order of the tunes and the 75% of tunes in between are always off the cuff and what I think is needed to make the crowd move, educate the ones at the front with pens, make the ones at the back come further forward, and add to the overall journey and vibe.

Do you have any performance rituals before you go on stage?

I do 2 backflips followed by a half twist pike whilst reciting the last 3 paragraphs of the Haynes Ford Cortina Ghia manual! No, I'm not superstitious so normally a quick drink and then the first record.

Will you hang out with the crowd before your set or do you prefer to arrive fresh and relax afterwards?

For this event I'll definitely be there early to check it all out, see friends, meet new people etc. I might arrive fresh but I won't leave fresh! I'll help pack up the tents at the end ;-)

As well as SW4 what does the rest of 2011 hold for you?

There are lots of other northern hemisphere festivals. AVA are hosting an arena at Global Gathering in Poland then there is Electric Zoo in New York, Papaya in Croatia, Israel, an Asian tour and 2 north and south American tours. We have also organised the touring better this year to give me more time in the studio to complete my solo album.

Interview by Daniel Slipper